This is my story

This blog is for all my friends and family (and anyone else who cares). I recently graduated from nursing school and found that it would not be as easy as I thought to get a job right out of school in the wonderful city of San Diego. All of my endless nights of crying asking God why me? lead me here….going on a medical mission trip to Haiti. When I finally decided to use my tears as motivation and have my downfalls be my reason to smile, I began to pray about what I should REALLY do with this skill set I now gained. With thousands of dollars in student loans and a compassionate heart big enough to swallow Texas, I just knew someone could use my help.

Im sure everyone has a dream to change the world at some point in their lives whether it was just for a second as a child when you made your first kind gesture of helping others by giving a homeless man a dollar or growing up to become a doctor with a goal to saves lives everyday. I felt it was my time to make this dream come true. After all isnt that why nurses become nurses? To change the world one life at a time?